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Stop by and smell the roses! This bright and wonderful bijou Spanish home with a traditional concept is the fresh new starter home you’ve been looking for.

History of the Red Front Door


There are lots of homes in the current market (and previous) that add a red door for various reasons. Whether it’s a pop of color or culture, I’ve got a couple of background info for you today. Now the pop of color, we’re seeing in many forms. We’re seeing the new teal, yellow, orange, the corals, and blues. There are plenty of colors that add pop and character to a home, but this is the history of what the red door.

Here are some fun facts for you:

•Adds a bright and cheerful statement to the exterior

•Curb appeal •Adds character

•There are The Red Door Spas by Elizabeth Arden

•It is rumored also that Einstein painted his door red so that he could easily tell which one his was.



Now for the historical facts:

•Feng Shui regards the front door as the mouth of the home. According to Feng Shui, painting it red is said to add cheer and stand as the entry point for abundance and opportunities. It also emits warmth and comfort from and into the home.

•Doors are painted red before Chinese New Year to bring good luck.

•In America, a red door was a sign of welcome to a fatigued horse and buggy traveler in the case that they need to stop for some rest.

•Some say it was a signifier that it was a safe house on The Underground Railroad.

•The Irish believe that a red door wards off ghosts and bad spirits.

•In the Catholic Church, the blood of Christ is symbolized by the color red and having the church doors red was believed to ward off disease and death.

Now, the historical fact that I knew growing up has Scottish roots. The red door was to signify that your mortgage was paid off. So, all the doors along the road were the same and anyone with a red-painted door meant it was finally theirs and the bank no longer owned it.


What’s the color of your door and what did it signify for you?

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