Any agent can throw a for sale sign up in the front yard and list the home on the Multiple Listing Service. What sets The O’Key Group apart from those agents is our attention to details when getting your home ready for sale. Sure, these tips take some time and money, but they will be completely worth doing if selling quickly and for the most amount of money is important to you. Let’s get started!

Front Door Attraction

front door

Several surveys suggest homes with great front doors and deluxe doorknobs sell for higher dollar.   This is one of the first things potential buyers see and sets the mood for the entire home. You don’t want them turned of from the get go, right?!  You can do this yourself by sanding down the door and staining it with a cool varnish or consider painting it with a hip and bright color.  Either way will be attractive and opening (get it).

Add a Deck














Adding a deck is like adding inexpensive square footage to your home. Depending on the landscape of your property a deck is not too expensive to build and is desired by today’s home buyers. Consider adding a canopy over a portion of your new deck to provide a bit of shade.

Let’s Talk Bathrooms

bathroomThe biggest bang for your buck is to update your bathroom.  You don’t have to spend a ton of money buying the top of the line faucets and toilets. Cleanliness is the most important point in bathrooms.  Fresh paint and clean grout would be great places to start.

Clean and Clean and Clean Some More

Our team works with lots of home buyers. There’s a noticeable difference of buyer’s perception of a house that is clean versus one that is lacking cleanliness. Cleaning the cobwebs from the corners, wiping down the baseboards, scrubbing the stove, counters etc. are all important details to consider. There’s lots of cleaning services out there and we highly recommend hiring the pros.

Create Space Out of Thin Air

If you have a den or attic, why not turn them into an additional bedroom?  This will add tremendous value.  For the den conversion, you’ll probably just have to add a closet and you’re all set.  Converting the attic could be a bit more work, but totally worth it.  Buyers today are going bananas for these “bonus” spaces.

Let There be Light


Do you ever walk into someone’s house and think “Wow, it’s dark in here”? Well, we see it every day and there are a few easy fixes.  You can add a skylight or solar tube for under $1000.  These let in a tremendous amount of natural light and really brighten up the place.     Also, knocking down needless walls to make more expansive rooms are all the fad today.  No need for that non-supportive wall between your dining room and living room so get rid of it!

Painting Saves Lives

Painting may not actually save lives but it sure brightens up a room. A freshly painted house along with a clean and smell good house will go a long way.   You’ll want to stick to neutral colors here. Leave the bright pink to motels on San Fernando Road!  Painting the inside of your house will not break the bank and really will set your home apart from the others that haven’t recently been spruced up.

Storage – We’ve all Got Stuff!

Sadly, homes built in the early to mid-1900’s didn’t come with large closets.  Lot’s of these homes weren’t even built with garages!  Any way to create additional storage is invaluable. If you home doesn’t have a garage, you can have a typical two car garage built for about $35,000.  If you have a garage or decide to build one, be sure to add as many shelves or storage cabinets as possible.  Oh, and if you can finish the walls with drywall and an epoxy paint on the floor, even better!

Kitchen Upgrades and Appliances. Oh la la.


They say that spending money on a full kitchen remodel is not worth the cost. Generally, you get back only 70% or so of each dollar spent on updating a kitchen. We recommend spending money on new appliances (if yours are older), refinishing the cabinets, updating the cabinet and drawer hardware and installing modern lights.  All this will go much further than gutting a kitchen and starting from scratch.  Plus it’ll be $1,000’s cheaper.

Don’t Neglect the Garden

We’ve all heard of curb appeal.  Sometimes buyers won’t even get out of their car if the front yard is in such terrible shape.  They’re thinking to themselves, if the owner doesn’t take care of their yard, what else are they not taking care of?  Manicuring the shrubs, bushes and lawn are important. Adding sprinklers or drip irrigation are awesome upgrades and worth considering. Don’t forget to sweep the walkways!

If you would like suggestions on improvements for your home we’d be happy to help. We also have several contractors that can help with all of the above suggestions.  Give us a call at the office 323-644-9081 x106 or shoot us an email at