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Hi there! Most of you know me or follow my personal page. You know that I put my daughter Bronte through ISR classes this summer (ISR is Infant Self Rescue). I got so much great feedback, I thought I’d put a video together and tell you all about it!

So drowning is the leading cause of child deaths in the ages of 1 to 14, and 76% of those are in ages under 3 years old. And a little stat in California; 163 deaths happened in the summer, not the whole year, the summer of 2017 alone. And that’s just in pools and spas, not including the big bad ocean. So the ISR classes that I had Bronte take were as a five-week course, one-on-one tuition, in a private pool. You can look and have them elsewhere but that’s the scenario I had set up. She had 10-minute classes every day for the five weeks. Those 10 minutes were intense training. She was exhausted at the end of it, t’s amazing.

At the end of the five weeks, there were two tests:
One of them was in full summer outfits and the second was in full winter gear.

And none of that when winter gear was allowed to be waterproof, so it was all heavy clothing for the little munchkin. And they simulated a myriad of falls and tumbles that would happen: into the pool, side of the pool, going over headfirst, going backward, sideways, etc. They’re not teaching them to do breaststroke and butterfly, they’re teaching them how to live. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. The final testing days were numerous exercises but each day started with her falling assisted with the instructor, of course, being kind of rolled into the water and then having to come to a float for three minutes. Absolutely heartbreaking to watch, and so worthwhile. I highly recommend you look into ISR training and classes near you.

Hope that helped! Any questions about this, ask me I’ll give you all the information that I’ve got in my hands. Of course, I highly recommend LA Water Babies. Andrea was a fantastic instructor, I love her to bits. Have a great day.

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